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Integrity Testing, Pre Employment & Polygraph Solutions

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JALT Services Limited provides solutions where there is a risk to the Integrity or Reputation of an Individual, Company or Organisation. Our services provide quick, ethical and robust solutions to assist in the decision making processes surrounding these events.

We provide a discreet and high quality Detection of Deception Services, Polygraph Tests, Verification of Pre-Employment Application Information, and Integrity Testing of personnel where normal methods cannot be used. We operate worldwide and specialise in working in hostile or dangerous environments and our operators have over thirty years’ experience in conducting successful investigations.

All JALT Services Limited operators hold current UK Government DV Status.

Reasons to choose JALT Services Limited

  • Government Developed Vetting Status
  • Operating throughout the UK & Worldwide
  • Discreet & high quality services
  • Extensive experience working with Individuals, Companies and Organisations
  • Fully qualified and experienced Canadian trained examiners
  • Over thirty years' experience in conducting a wide variety of investigations and over ten years’ experience in polygraph testing nationally and internationally
  • Professional Membership of the American Polygraph Association, British and European Polygraph Association, British Polygraph Association and The Security Institute.
  • Fully Insured and Data Protection registered
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JALT Services Limited operators have Memberships of:

British Polygraph Association
British and European Polygraph Association
The Security Institute
American Polygraph Association

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